Amazon Cacao Mint Smoothie

Here is a delicious, nutritious and  protein packed anytime drink. This smoothie is loaded with, protein, branch chain amino acids from the FORM protein, and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the bananas and cacao. You can easily tweak this recipe to accommodate your nutritional goals. Serves: 1-2 Ingredients 1/2 banana 1 cup fresh coconut water 1-2 scoop organic seed based protein powder (FORM) [...]

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Vitamix Tips for Hosting Your First Holiday Gathering

It’s a family first — you’re having everyone over for the holidays. And while planning your first family feast can be nerve-wracking, it’s also an opportunity to create wonderful memories and new family traditions. So take a deep breath, follow these pro tips for your first holiday gathering and prepare to enjoy a successful feast. Planning 4 to 6 Weeks Ahead [...]

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The Cancer Crushing Pineapple Stem! (aka the seed)

Two molecules isolated from an extract of crushed pineapple stems have shown promise in fighting cancer growth. One molecule called CCS blocks a protein called Ras, which is defective in approximately 30% of all cancers. The other, called CCZ, stimulates the body's own immune system to target and kill cancer cells.It is hoped the research, carried out by Queensland Institute of Medical Research, could lead to new anti-cancer drugs.The origin of many anti-cancer drugs can be found in nature The extract studied by the scientists, bromelain, is a rich source of enzymes and is widely used as a meat tenderiser, to clarify beer and tan leather hides.The Queensland team discovered that the extract also had pharmacological properties and could activate specific immune cells while, simultaneously, blocking the immune function of other cells.

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Top 10 Questions To Ask @ Your Local Farmers Market

Here is # 7 & 8... You will have to click to see the rest! 7. “How do you control weeds for your crops?” Organic farmers use all types of methods to suppress weeds but generally don’t require a completely weed-free field, and with good reason. As long as soil quality is high, even a weedier field will produce the same yields as a chemical field, according to research done by the Rodale Institute, an organic research farm near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Organic methods include using cover crops, mulching, cultivation, and if it’s a smaller operation, even hand-weeding. 8. “How are bugs and pests controlled?” Biodiversity is a major part of organic farming. Farmers who install wildlife corridors and pollinator plantings, including meadows, will attract beneficial inspects into the field to prey on pests that like to eat crops. Bugs are only bad in processed foods. There are also organic-approved pest-control products on the market. If your farmer uses them, ask for the product name, and check to see if it’s on the OMRI list.

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Gone in 90 Seconds!

What if a brief exercise of 90 seconds, made it less likely that this dessert would get stored as body fat? That is exactly one of the things Tim Ferriss explores in The 4-Hour Body. Brief Muscular Contractions a Few Minutes Before You Eat? So most of you probably know that after an intense workout, food calories are less likely to get stored as body fat. A simplistic explanation is that your muscles are depleted of glycogen and that a lot of the calories you eat at this time simply serve to refuel these depleted muscles. What I did not know was how little the stimulus needs to be in order for this to happen. Tim has found that this effect can happen in as little as 60-90 seconds. The proper activity done a few minutes before eating can encourage food calories to get shuttled into the muscle cells, before it has a chance to get stored as body fat.

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Top 6 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks!

For one day a year, nearly everyone becomes a football fan. Whether the Super Bowl’s draw is the halftime show, the commercials or the game itself doesn’t really matter: Party snacks are the true common denominator. The problem for would-be healthy eaters is that Super Bowl snacks are rarely nutritious. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that’ll trim calories and bad fats, allowing you to enjoy the game guilt-free. If only we could cut out the bad play calls just as easily, right?

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NASA Says This Is The Worlds Best Exercise

The body has a built-in need for activation. The lymph system, for example, bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away. Yet the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation that

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What Seeds and Skin Can I Blend or Eat?

The total antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of edible portions and seeds of avocado, jackfruit, longan, mango and tamarind were studied. The seeds showed a much higher antioxidant activity … than the edible portions. The contribution of all the fruit seed fractions to the total antioxidant activity … was always more than 70%. Source Avocado seed contains relatively low amounts of calcium and magnesium, somewhat higher amounts of phosphorus, and high amounts of potassium.” Source Victoria Boutenko

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Blending The Avocado Seed…Seriously?

 3 Methods of Garnering The Artery Scrubbing Power From The Big Seed Avocado, or in Latin called persea americana, originally came from Mexico. This fruit contains single seed of the tree. Avocado mostly cultivated in tropical and mediterranean climates. The avocado tree can grows to 20 meters. The leaves arranged about 12 to 25 centimeters. The flower had greenish yellow color. This [...]

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