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Thank You For Your Interest in a Vitamix.  My Mom Passed Away Recently From Lou Gehrig s Disease  In Her Memory and For a Cure, I’m Donating a Portion of Every Commission I Make  To The ALS Society.

Thank You So Much For  Purchasing Through Me!


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  • I like to send referrals a free "thank you" gift, if you saw me on You Tube and no one refereed you. then you'll get the Free Gift when you purchase through me
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  • Here's the back story: I found if someone is interested in a Vitamix talking on the phone is more personal and its easier for me to do with my busy schedule. I don't have as much time as I use to to return all the emails, because of my speaking & event schedule, I'm sure understand. I also know your time is valuable as is mine so its just easier to talk on the phone I PROMISE not to bother you, spam you, or pressure you. I just want to make an honest connection and offer my thanks and support in your Vitamix journey
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  • The Best Deals In My Opinion Are The Certified Just Like New Models You can do payment plans on ALL Models. Thank you for your interest and support of my website and you tube videos.
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